Dedicated Servers / VPS Servers | Which One Is Best To Use?

What Is The Difference Between VPS & Dedicated Server

There are just some minor differences between a Dedicated server and a VPS server. The only major difference is that Dedicated servers are physically present on data centers while VPS (Virtual Private Server) is just a Virtual server that may be created from a Dedicated server. VPS has no physical connection but, dedicated servers are present physically on the data centers.

In this post, we’ll compare VPS hosting with dedicated servers to clarify your doubts and choose the best for your business needs and budgets.

We cannot compare anything without knowing anything about them. So, let’s learn something about these servers before comparison.

What Is VPS hosting?

In VPS, you get dedicated space on a server with private resources that you can share with others. However, other users may be on the server that will use their own dedicated resources.

For example, suppose a server has 8 GB of RAM, and 1GB of space is allotted to you from that 8GB. There is still 7GB of space left on the server that the server owner can allot to others by his choice. However, your 1GB space will be totally yours and, no one can steal your space – It’s 100% yours.

There is a software called hypervisor that uses to divide the space of a server and create a private virtual server for each customer on that server. You don’t have to know much about this software, you just have to know that every VPS account is isolated from other accounts.

For a more reasonable explanation, let’s take a general example, suppose you’ve bought a floor in a building. Now you can do whatever you want on that floor because it’s totally yours. You can arrange a night party and invite 100 people to join the party on your floor. (That’s how shared hosting works!) Sounds good? But, you cannot change the color of the whole building. 

The floor is totally yours still you cannot make your own private lift because there are many floors in the building and the lift is used by other floor users also. You’re just using one floor of many. This means you cannot change the hardware according to your needs because you’re still just one tenant on the server.

What Is a Dedicated Server?

The word “Dedicated” itself indicates that the user will get the entire server to his website. Dedicated servers are physically present in the data centers. You can make a bunch of VPS accounts from your dedicated server because you got the whole thing.

The greatest advantage of using a dedicated server is that you’ll be the boss of your server. You can modify settings at the hardware level and install your own custom software because you’ll have full access to the software you’re running and the actual physical hardware present inside the server.

Again, for better understanding, let’s go back to that general example. In this case, you’ve bought an entire building but not only a floor. Everything is yours and you’re in charge of the building. You can do whatever you want. Change colors, make an extra floor, etc. You have full authority to customize the building according to your needs.

Types of VPS & Dedicated Servers

Apart from VPS vs dedicated servers distinction, there are also two other important types of VPS and dedicated hosting that you must know about.
  • Unmanaged VPS and dedicated servers
  • Managed VPS and dedicated servers

Unmanaged VPS and dedicated server

In Unmanaged VPS and dedicated servers, you’ll get the almost same configuration as managed ones but, you’ll have to manage everything on your own. No technical support will be provided to you for every small query. For example, if you want to install WordPress then you’ll have to install its configuration itself. (Apache, Lightspeed, etc).

Using unmanaged services is a lot more complex than managed ones. If you’re not in technical expert or a developer, you must use managed services to avoid complexity.

Managed VPS and dedicated server

Managed VPS and dedicated servers are loaded with fully managed software. Also, the server provider will take care of your queries and, they will provide all facilities to solve your queries whereas, you have to do everything manually on unmanaged servers.

Best VPS hosting providers

Best VPS hosting providers - image

If you think that VPS hosting is the ideal hosting for your business, you can check these hosting providers to start your VPS journey.

  • – An extremely cost-effective website to start your VPS journey.
  • – Popular among all VPS providers and one of the oldest in the market.
  • InMotion Hosting – A little pricier than other once but you can try them if you believe in quality.
  • A2 Hosting – A well-managed and lovable website for overall hosting.
  • Site Ground – Costlier than every other for a reason. They are one of the best hosting providers overall.

If you’re using any other provider with the same configuration and support then you can continue with them.

Best Dedicated hosting providers

Best Dedicated hosting providers - image

If your website doesn’t fit with VPS hosting, you can check the list of these cheap dedicated hosting providers.

  • Bluehost – They always give their best to users. their dedicated server plan starts with 80$ only.
  • RedserverHost – They are currently my favorite provider for all kinds of hosting. Their plans start from less than 50$ monthly that is extremely impressive.
  • Miles Web – Highly recommended for their price and configuration.
  • Liquid Web – Quite expensive but best in the market.


In the beginning, we all may have started with Shared Hosting and after growing our business and getting a fascinating amount of traffic on our website, we don’t want to share our resources with others or want full control over the website so that they do not need to disturb call support of hosting provider again and again.

That’s why we take VPS services or Dedicated ones.

Both of them fulfill the requirements of users. The only difference is in the hardware section. If you don’t have a budget to buy dedicated then you can surely go with Virtual Private Servers. Moreover, you can upgrade your VPS account easily in partition too. For example, if your website’s disk space is going to exceed soon, you can upgrade your disk space only rather than upgrading the whole account.

Hope now you know a clear-cut difference between VPS hosting and Dedicated servers.

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