How To Format Or Factory Reset Your cPanel Account?


Today in this tutorial, we’re going to learn “How you can format your cPanel” or “How to completely factory reset your cPanel account“.

Well, before going ahead, I’ll recommend you to use this method if you’re sure, as this will delete all the contents & databases present inside your cPanel account.

Formating the cPanel account will completely delete all the files & data of your cPanel account. If you want to completely reset your cPanel account and start working from the beginning, then you can use the below method. After formatting, the cPanel account will be as new as you’ve just purchased a hosting package.

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Let’s directly dive right in!!

Factory Reset cPanel account easily

How To Format the cPanel Account?

By using these steps, you can easily format your cPanel account:
    1. Create a complete backup of your cPanel.
    2. Delete all your files present inside the File Manager.
    1. Delete all the Domains/Subdomains/Addon Domains.
    1. Delete All FTP Accounts.
  1. Delete All Email Addresses.
  2. Delete All the MySQL or PhPMyAdmin databases.

Follow the below steps to completely Format or Factory reset your cPanel account.

  • Log in to your cPanel account and navigate to the Backup Wizard section.
cpanel backup wizard image
  • Create a full backup of your cPanel account (if the data is somehow important to you).
cpanel inside backup wizard image
  • Now, go back to the cPanel homepage and navigate to the File Manager section.
cpanel file manager image
  • Delete all the files & contents present inside the File Manager.
delete files and directories in cpanel
  • Now, you need to download the default cPanel zip from this link and upload it into your cPanel account.
download cpanel zip
  • To upload the cPanel zip, go inside the File Manager and hit the Upload button.
cpanel upload feature
  • Select the file as and hit the Open button to upload it.
upload button in cpanel
  • Select the file & hit the Open button to upload it.
upload cpanel zip file
  • Right-click over the file and hit the Extract button to restore all crucial default cPanel files & directories.
extract the cpanel zip
  • Your cPanel is gonna look like this after extracting the zip.
after zip extraction image
  • Move back to the cPanel homepage and navigate to the MySQL Databases section.
mysql databases section in cpanel
  • Delete all the currently active databases.
mysql current databases
  • That’s it. You’ve successfully formatted the cPanel account, and now, your cPanel account is what it was like when you purchased the hosting package. So, you can start all the things again as you’ve got a fresh new cPanel account.
This is how you can easily factory reset the cPanel account without any hesitation. Moreover, if you’re looking for cPanel based web hosting with excellent technical support, then you can visit RedserverHost.Com as they’re providing one of the best & Cheapest Shared Hosting Plans across the Internet.

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