What Are Addon & Main Domains? – Detailed View

Well, the answer is quite simple. The main domain is a domain that comes with your Web Hosting whereas, an addon domain can be added later in the same host. Before going through the differences between addon domain and main domain, we should have a clear-cut knowledge of main domain and addon domain.

What Are Addon Domains????

An addon domain is likely similar to the main domain as you can almost perform every task such as you can create email addresses, forwarders, and almost everything that you can do in main domains.

Addon domains are the extra domains that you’ve purchased, and now you want to host them on your existing hosting account. You just have to make sure that you’re using Unlimited Addon Domains plans or you can also upgrade your existing plan to the unlimited one if you want to use unlimited addon domains without any restrictions. Moreover, addon domains are much better than the main domains in many ways.

There are several benefits of using addon domains and below I’m mentioning some of them.

Benefits Of Using Addon Domains:

  • First of all, addon domains can save a lot of money as you can add all the addon domains in a single web hosting.
  • Addon domains use the same resources as your main domain. No need to have a separate resource for every addon domain.
  • Money isn’t the only benefit, you can save lots of time as you can manage all the domains and websites associated with those domains in one place.
  • Addon domains are easy to transfer. You can easily point your domain to any web hosting server.

Above are some major benefits of using addon domains. However, it is not necessary to start with an unlimited addon domains plan, you can start with a single domain plan as you can anytime upgrade your plan with the unlimited one.

What are Main Domains?

The main domain is directly attached to your web hosting. It’s also known as the primary domain name that you’ve purchased while purchasing your Web Hosting to represent your website. However, you can anytime transfer your website & its data to a new domain and change the primary domain later but, if you purchased web hosting and domain and that is the only domain present in your web hosting, it’ll be called primary or main domain.

Moreover, changing your primary domain could cause some internal errors so if you want your addon domain to be the primary domain, contact your hosting provider & apart from that, take a complete backup of your website.

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