What Is Shared Web Hosting? | How To Find Best Shared Hosting Provider?

Shared web hosting is a fast and quick solution for those who desire to create their website on less budget. It is also the most usable web hosting across the board because it attracts beginners, small business owners, and those who just want to make an online presence for their offline business.

If you’re also using shared hosting for your blog or website, here are some useful things that you must know about your Shared Web Hosting.

1.    What Is Shared Web Hosting?

The name “Shared” itself indicates that in this hosting we’ll share space in the server just like a sharing room. Suppose you’re living in an apartment that has 10,000 rent and it’s not affordable to you, and your friend came out and said that he wants to share this room with you and rent too. By sharing the room with your friend, you’ve saved 50% amounts of the money you were about to give and, shared web hosting works in the same way, you’ll get your personal space on a server that will be yours only but, server resources will be used by other users too.

It is an affordable way for small businesses to build their online presence. There are several types of affordable hosting like HDD Linux Hosting and SSD Linux Shared Hosting that are provided by many hosting providers in a different price range.

2.    Who Should Use Shared Web Hosting?

Shared Web Hostings are commonly used by those who want their website live on a low budget, have fewer daily visitors, or just want to build their online presence, etc. It is not recommended for those who want to promote their website with a lavish budget, eCommerce users, etc. In a basic Share hosting plan, only 30,000 monthly visitors can be handled and if your website crosses the criteria of 30k monthly visits, you’ll have to upgrade your hosting plan.

Shared web hosting can help you to start your online journey and build your brand presence online. You can start with a lower plan that starts from rupees 90 only and you’ll be the boss of your own website. However, you can upgrade your plan and increase the configuration of your plan when you start getting a good amount of visitors on your blog or website.

3.    Benefits Of Using Shared Web Hosting

Using shared web hosting can be beneficial in several ways. Now, I will tell you about the most important benefits of using Shared Web Hosting.

1.    It Saves Lots Of Money:

Yes, the major benefit of using Shared hosting is its cost-efficiency which helps every user to start at least and learn something new. You can buy Shared web hosting at 99 / Month only that makes sense for beginners to give it a try.

2.    Use cPanel In Cheap:

 cPanel is one of the costliest software in the World and still unhackable which makes it worth buying for every website owner for their better security. There are many websites like MilesWeb, Namecheap, RedserverHost, etc that provide cPanel integrated Shared Hosting at an affordable price.

3.    No Maintainance:

The website owner should already be having professionals for managing and maintaining web hosting. Therefore, you can freely start your website without thinking about any other maintenance.

4.     How To Find Best Hosting Provider?

Finding your ideal hosting provider could also be a challenging task for beginners. I know you do not have much time to compare within several web hosts and then choose your ideal one. Therefore, you can buy Cheap Linux Shared Web Hosting and Cheap SSD Hosting and you’ll be fully satisfied with the price and services of my favorite Shared Hosting provider.

This is how you can start your online journey by finding an ideal hosting provider for your website and start building your online presence over the internet.

You have to learn so many things apart from shared web hosting but, it is good for you to start with Shared web hosting that will clear your concept of other available hosting services like VPS hosting, Reseller Hosting, Windows Hosting, Etc.

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