What Is SSL? How It Helps In Website Security? – Full Tutorial

What Is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer that provides extra security to websites by encrypting the data traveling from the host computer to a remote server. These days, SSL becomes a priority on every website. 

Nowadays, every single person is buying stuff, paying bills, booking tickets, and doing most of their tasks online, security of the website has become a prior concern for every dynamic website owner. To protect user information & data from hackers, SSL came into the market to provide a free extra layer of security to websites to secure the information traveling between the user PC to the server.

There are many SSL providers in the market but Let’s Encrypt & Cloudflare are some of the oldest.

Importance Of SSL In Website Security

When it comes to the security of a website, SSL has its own importance as SSL is the only way to secure the data traveling from the client’s PC to the server. SSL encrypts all the sensitive information that can be hacked between traveling from the customer’s PC to the server such as debit/credit card detail, personal information, and many other sensitive data that can be used for malicious intentions. However, SSL isn’t always recommended, you can run a website without SSL if you don’t have anything that collects user data & information.

Using an SSL-certified website will help you in several ways. Here are a few benefits of using an SSL-certified website.

  • Trust Value: SSL will rapidly increase the trust value of your website. Websites without SSL certificates are considered spam or fake site by most users. That is the reason why every serious blogger has SSL certified website. Apparently, no one wants to purchase anything from a website that cannot even afford to pay for an SSL.

  • Improved SEO Rankings: Well, Google has confirmed that they prioritize SSL verified websites over non-SSL websites. So, having an SSL-certified website is has become a priority if you want to rank your website on SERP. Also, when someone is searching your website, and it’s showing a Red Triangle SSL Alert on the top of your website’s URL, there is a huge chance that you’re gonna lose your customers whatever how good your services are.
  • Protects User Information: SSL protects all the sensitive data and information of all the users that can be used for malicious intentions by attackers. It also hardens the website’s security so that your registered users won’t pay for your fault.

These are some major benefits of using SSL encryption on websites. Many of the Hosting Providers offers Free SSL with their plans such as RedserverHost, BlueHost, NameCheap, Etc. You don’t have to pay for an SSL certificate. Instead, you can purchase your web hosting from any of the above providers as they have one of the best services in the market at an affordable cost.

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