Why Should I Use VPS Hosting Instead Of Shared One? | VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting

What Is VPS Hosting?

Everything You Need To Know About VPS Hosting.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a hosting service that gives you a Private space on a server with Static IP and provides Dedicated resources on that server along with multiple users.

Suppose you’re in a house that has Five rooms in it and everyone has their own separate rooms, they can do whatever they want in their rooms and their resources will not be shared with any other roommates. VPS hosting works similarly.

VPS is mostly used by website owners that exceed the configuration of their shared hosting plan but are too far from renting a dedicated server. VPS server is coming somewhere between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

A hosting provider can provide various options for VPS solutions, for example, in RedserverHost, there are Seven types of VPS plans available to suit different types of business needs. 

Redserverhost VPS Linux Plans List

As you can see, there are several plans available on RedserverHost.com start with ₹910 only, which is slightly cheaper than other hosting providers.

Why Should We Use VPS Hosting Instead Of Shared Hosting?

VPS hosting provides excellent additional features that shared hosting can never provide. VPS hosting will provide you full root access and you’ll be your own boss. for example, you can create cPanel accounts, Terminate cPanel accounts, create reseller account, and even delete or terminate any reseller account and, if you’re looking to start a business online as a web hosting provider, VPS is also a great hosting to learn about the root section. Whereas, Shared hosting solution is good for small business owners or beginners. Below, we will compare VPS hosting with Shared hosting for better clarification.

VPS Hosting Benefits:

  1. Virtual Private Servers are faster and stable than shared hosting servers.
  2. It comes with owner (Root) access that will give you full control over the server.
  3. It’s easy to upgrade. You can easily upgrade it as your website exceed the limit for example RAM, CPU, BANDWIDTH, ETC.
  4. It will give you a Dedicated (Static) IP that will help users to find your company or website easily.
  5. Using a VPS service makes your data more secure as it will be locked in your private resources.

Benefits Of Using Shared Hosting:

  1. The major benefit of Shared hosting is its cost-efficiency. Shared hosting is way cheaper than VPS hosting.
  2. It’s quite simple to use. You don’t have to be professional in Linux or Web Administration to use Shared Hosting whereas to use VPS hosting, you must have experience of web hosting and Linux commands.
  3. It’s secure than other hostings. In shared hosting, skilled professionals are there to manage all your security concerns. You do not have to hire any professional to do your tasks and that makes Shared Hostings more secure and cheaper to use.

How To Choose The Best VPS Hosting Provider For You?

Now that’s the toughest part of this tutorial (Just Kidding). You can find your ideal hosting provider that exactly suits your business needs also in a cheaper price. There are several things you must know to find an ideal hosting provider for your business needs.

Always Check The History & Reviews Of The Company From Where You’re About To Buy Your Plan

Yeah, that doesn’t look like an important part to find the best VPS hosting provider but, it can help you differentiate between real and fraudulent ones. These days, web hosting becomes everyone’s need to run their online business. This also attracts ha*kers and they are making lots of fake hosting websites and cheating thousands of thousands of users daily.
To prevent being cheated, you must check the website details from whois.com and closely analyze everything especially the domain registration year and month. 
If the domain is registered recently or it is below one year. You should definitely not buy anything from that website.

Make A List Of Top Websites And Analyze Their Plans & Prices

Analyzing is the most important part of choosing an ideal hosting provider. Make a list of at least 10 websites you recently liked or that you think are good for you and analyze their plans, specifications, prices, and everything. Here is the list of my favorite hosting provider of all time.
  1. Milesweb.com                    (Best For Dedicated Server Hostings)
  2. Redserverhost.com            (Best For Cheap Hostings)
  3. Namecheap.com                
  4. Hostgator.com
  5. iPage.com
  6. GoDaddy.com
  7. inMotionhosting.com
  8. hostinger.com
  9. bluehost.com
  10. siteground.com

Find Your Exact Business Needs 

After seeing this, you might be thinking that what a silly question I’ve asked (Huh, I know my business needs, I want VPS hosting and, and, and, in cheap.) but this doesn’t work like that. You have to know everything about what you’re going to buy and what you want too. Then only you can choose the best. Just answer some of my questions and you’ll be able to understand that how, and which hosting will suit your business needs.

How long you’ll keep that hosting?

How many daily visits your website has currently?

Are you going to do paid advertising for your brand? Budget?

How many visits you may get from paid advertising?

Which hosting do you Want?

There are lot more questions to ask but I don’t have much time for that (Again, kidding😁). You must ask relevant questions to yourself then find those answers and cross-check the answers with hosting providers. Whoever matches the most, is your ideal hosting provider.

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